Scholarships to needy children

The extreme bad global economic condition, poverty, war, AIDS/HIV and the injustice in the distribution of resources has put children at risk lacking basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, safety, parental support, healthcare, and education needed for normal childhood development. They are at risk of never reaching their God-given potential physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. These vulnerable children go to extreme measures to meet these basic needs and are at risk of being exploited.

God is not silent about these children. His care, compassion, and protection for them are seen throughout the Scripture. God’s Word is clear that those who exploit the weak and needy will incur God’s judgment (Isaiah 10:1-2; Amos 2:6-7). However, those who minister to them are described as practicing religion that is “pure and faultless” (James 1:27). God has called and equipped the Church, his body on earth, to minister to children at risk by bringing them the hope of transformed lives.

In compliance with the direction given to us by God and we taking the development of children at heart, Tipa foundation is given scholarships to brilliant but needy children.

In the short term we plan to give scholarships to 350 needy children in the villages who are at risk of dropping out of school. It is our believe that this will encourage needy children to continue studying and strive for better academic performance in the coming time. 

Once effective, the programme will ensure that all students sponsored by Tipa foundation will be able to continue their education from basic to tertiary education.

We hope that our support will help the beneficiary children to rise above their current predicament.

we intend to extend this support up to the university level. The number we can support will depend on available funds. Remember ours is holistic child development. 

It is expected that every year beneficiary children will be selected before the commencement of the academic year.

An extensive background check is conducted to comfirm that indeed beneficiaries are needy but have the willingness to excel academically.

Currently, the body only selects very few students who complete secondary studies to proceed to higher education on their scholarships.

Those listed under the scholarship programme are financially supported until the completion of their academic programme. However good grades must be upheld. 

In addition to academics, major emphasis is also placed on meeting the socio-economic needs of children within the listed facilities, through the provision of school uniforms, regular clothing, food and books, among other items.

The scholarship includes paying of full school fees, buying educational materials and purchasing of provisions until they complete Senior High Schools

We know that by Gods grace, hope will be given to children, families and communities by helping them to develop the skills and resources to overcome poverty.